Daily Dose

An automated medication companion to keep tabs on your tablets
when at or away from home.

Daily Dose utilizes daily ritual to make a comfortable product for the home, much like a coffee maker. This smart device is to be provided by insurance companies to high liability clients and in return reports health data to the user’s insurance, doctor, and caretaker. My solution uses sensory reminders alerting someone to take a specific medication at a specific time.

Overview of Daily Dose...
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Project Background

According to US National Library of Medicine, more than one third of prescription drugs in the US are taken by patients over the age of 60. The average American over the age of 65 takes 4 different medications per day. There are many challenges associated with taking medication.

  • Pills can be forgotten to be taken, or forgotten they were already taken.
  • Safeties on pill bottles burden those with restricted mobility.
  • Pill bottles sitting out suggest unwanted attention.
  • Pill organizers require people to report home for dosage.
  • Organizers are cumbersome and can take time to be prepared for the week.

Many assistive devices neglect attention to the aesthetic appreciation of form and material. Additionally, these products help to accommodate some concerns noted above at the extent of other challenges involved. Similar to many aging products, these solutions work, but do they thrive?

How Others
Do It

A successful design solution will organize an individual's medication regimen and provide them with their prescriptions when needed. The successful design is measured by...

  • Decrease in number of times medications are missed.
  • Improved experience taking medication.
  • Enhanced quality of life, suggesting less anxiety about
    keeping track of medication regimen.

In order to achieve all design objective milestones, I proceeded with a smart device which serves as an organizer and dispenser.

Design Objective

I began to roughly determine how a machine like this could work. using Arduino, I tested how different mechanisms could move different pills sizes and shapes based on the FDA standards. I arrived in a direction that uses a vacuum to pick up and move the pills stored in a rotating drum.

Proof of Concept

My form is inspired by the guiding design languages of home appliances. These beautifully utilitarian devices serve to accent a room with function in a low profile way. A pill monitor and dispenser with the design language of a home appliance can fit with the family of products in the kitchen environment, which is commonly the command center of a house.

Three design direction were conceived to address the form language of the housing.


Based on results from a groups preferences to the three concepts. I finalized my design to be a revised version of low profile with a vertical construction to appear slimmer and take up less countertop real estate.

The interface of Daily Dose is positioned on the angled top to provide view access. The circular touch screen uses gestural controls and includes password secure dispensing.

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