Design Sprint: Adding Comfort to Economy Air Travel

Making the Tray Table a little more Valuable

Here are some common frustrations that are a reality with many flyers. Yearly, US airline carriers provide air travel to 800 million individuals. According to Business Insider:

"Flying is becoming more cramped, less comfortable, and comes with fewer amenities"

With this large percentage of flyers, airlines are delivering service to more people in the same space. Airplane accessories are a way to make the cramped space a little bit more comfortable.

My Solution, Trayble, provides a first class work and play surface without the first class fare. Trayble features 3 modes of configuration as you can see below. Double decker work surface, privacy panel and reclined position for if the seat in front of you goes back or to use as a head rest. The product folds and flat packs for minimize real estate in the precious carry on space.

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