Erich Keller


It’s the brand new bench with a fresh new take! Offering remarkable wire management and IT support capabilities, G-Com even comes with optional Cool-Top technology—a patented system that can eliminate the heat of heavy equipment loads, create energy efficient microclimates, and improve air quality. Streamlined, beautifully engineered, Swiss made, and built to last, it’s the ideal solution for the most discerning clients in finance, tech, media, and more.

My Role: Designer
After receiving a brief from the client for a new flexible benching system, I worked to sketch and visualize various solutions. Concepts were selected for a concept design presentation by the design director. I then provided SolidWorks assemblies, configurations, drawings for mockup review, and selected finishes for a recommended palette of their offerings.

G-Com Video by Erich Keller

G-Com can be dressed-up or dressed-down making it ideal for both a private office or as a traditional benching system.

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