My City

My City expresses mobility and connectivity with patterns inspired by the transit systems of three of the most dynamic cities in the world: New York, London, and Shanghai. Created in a 12” x 24” format, these cutting edge Colorbody™ porcelain tiles offer a concrete look in cool and warm neutrals with gloss, metallic, and matte finish linework. Complemented with solid, nonpatterned Flat™ tiles, the collection is suitable for floors, walls, and countertops.

My Role: Designer
Under the design director, I sketched and modeled several concepts for tile patterns and condensed the directions into a presentation. The client selected two concepts, including My City. I then supplied the Illustrator files to the client as they developed for production.

Reflective of the way cities remain connected, My City highlights the beauty of subway systems. The tile collection features three metropolitan icons across the globe, each containing three abstracted landmarks. The patterns naturally connect from tile to tile.

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