In Italian, “scudo” means shield—a protective device. During the Renaissance, shields were more than armament; they were revered forms of sculpture, with Milan as the center of this artistry. Today, the idea of protection takes on new meaning, and shields play a different role as we return to our offices. Scudo from Rex Milano is a collection of freestanding and worksurface screens that create interior environments where people feel more protected, more relaxed, and more inspired.

My Role: Designer
I interpreted sketches from the design director and developed the concept including initial design details for manufacturing. After presentation of the concept, I supplied the client with CAD models and a technical package. I assisted in reviewing prototypes and provided renderings for marketing material.

Scudo is offered in five playful shapes. Unlike many sneeze guards and protective screens during the pandemic, Scudo’s protection and privacy is delivered in a more desirable and tasteful way.


Corroborating the angles in the panel shapes,  the worktop screen offers additional protection to the sides and for facing desks. The three panel construction of the worktop screen allows for pairing with various desk lengths and space for cable passthrough to monitors and other devices.


The application of Scudo can offer both privacy and protection in the workplace.

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