Rhythmic design and the cool and warm tones found in the materials of urban architecture are the foundations of the Sector porcelain tile collection. Add distinctive visual and textural interest to a space with this unique system featuring three Colorbody™ structures—Matrix, Faction, and Aerial—and coordinating, nontextured Flat™ tiles that can be used to create low, medium, or high density pattern effects. 12” x 24” format. For floors, walls, and countertops.

My Role: Designer
Under the design director, I sketched and  modeled several concepts for tile patterns and condensed the directions into a presentation. The client selected two concepts, including Sector. I then supplied the Illustrator files to the client as they developed for production.

Sector seamlessly shifts from a dimensional surface to a smooth tile. The collection can be comfortably applied to the floor and walls to create dynamic compositions.

Textural Transition

the large format tiles are divided into a grid system and embossed at different thicknesses to create an effect inspired by the transition from a dense metropolitan area to the suburbs and city outskirts.

The Urban
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