Single-Motion Pull

The Single-Motion Unlocking Door Pull from PBA is life-safety hardware that makes egress easier. Sliding the door open from the inside simultaneously releases the bolt and thumbturn for simpler, quicker exiting. Based on a patent pending activation bar and latching system, this revolutionary new product is ADA compliant; available in a range of lengths and finishes; mountable to glass, wood, and metal doors; and adaptable to all demountable partition systems.

My Role: Designer
A Gensler technical director had the idea for a single motion pull. I joined the team to design the activation bar and visualize this system in a concept presentation. I generated various profiles and built prototypes to test dimensions and comfort. Ultimately, we presented the concepts and the client selected one direction to develop. I provided a SolidWorks technical package to the client for engineering.

Single-Motion Pull Video by PBA
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