Mohawk Group

Smart City

Smart City is a new Living Product Certified carpet plank system inspired by some of the world’s most connected places. An organic base pattern reflecting the texture and tempo of a metropolitan mapscape and coordinating tiles with networks of linear color can be used independently or together to create the look of tomorrow in the moment of today. And it’s carbon neutral. What could be smarter?

My Role: Designer
This pattern was derived from the concept design for My City in which I developed under the guidance of the design director. In addition, I participated in mockup review.


Smart City can be used to highlight areas of collaboration or facilitate way finding in the workplace.


Urban Model - The intricate base texture of the carpet plank system abstracted from the aerial view of a city. Urban Model remains representative of urban environments while subtle.

Urban Transit - Overlayed with graphic linework to evoke the energy and interconnected characteristics of cities.

In the same methodology as Gensler designed Daltile My City collection, Smart City abstracts some of the worlds exemplary subway systems.


The Smart City carpet pattern can be seamlessly paired with the My City tile collection.

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